bar glass of wine

For most people, it’s common to meet up with their friends at a bar or winery for celebrations, blowing off steam, or just relaxing. While individuals voluntarily consume alcohol at bars, sometimes bars are guilty of overserving their patrons. Alcohol must be consumed in moderation, as drinking too much can lead to severe accidents and injuires. If you were overserved at a bar, which resulted in your injuries, it is in your best interest to contact a skilled New York City Personal Injury Lawyer who can help you fight to obtain the maximum compensation for the damages you’ve incurred. 

Can you take legal action against a bar if they overserve you and you get injured?

Although it may seem unusual to take legal action against a bar for overseeing alcohol since serving alcohol is a crucial aspect of their business, it might be necessary if you have sustained severe injuries due to the bar’s negligence. If you were illegally overserved alcohol at a bar in New York, you can hold the bar liable for their careless actions. While they are not the direct cause of your injuries, they contributed to the cause of the accident that resulted in your injuries, as they were responsible for overserving you. In New Jersey, any person injured by a bar or other establishment can take legal action against them for overserving alcohol due to Dram shop laws. This is even true for individuals who were injured because someone else was overserved.

While individuals are usually concerned about their safety while drinking, their drunk behavior could put others at risk. If someone is injured due to another individual being overserved, the injured party can take legal action against the bar for their injuries. For instance, if your friend is overserved alcohol at a bar before they pick you up in their car, and you are injured in an accident, you could take legal action against the bar because they illegally overserved your friend.

How can I prove their negligence?

Nevertheless, proving a bar’s liability for overserving someone can be difficult. This is primarily because you cannot sue the bar. After all, you have too much to drink and decide to do something reckless. The service of alcohol must have been illegal. Essentially, this means you must prove that the bar knowingly overserved an already intoxicated patron or an underage patron. It’s also imperative to note that you cannot sue the bar simply because you were charged with driving while under the influence (DUI). Ultimately, you are only entitled to take legal action if you sustain injuries in an accident.

If you’ve been injured in an accident due to being overserved at a bar, you need a talented lawyer from the Bronx law firm of James Newman, P.C., who can help guide you through each phase of this complex legal process. Our firm is prepared to assist you in seeking reasonable compensation for your devastating losses.