Last month rapper Ja Rule, a Hollis, Queens native brought a little celebrity (no pun intended) to a dire housing crisis involving the New York City Housing Authority and what can only be described as abysmal living conditions that New Yorkers have been forced to endure.

As reported by The Patch it appears that $200 million has already been pledged by Mayor de Blasio, however the thousands of tenants that live in New York City Housing buildings say it can’t come fast enough.

The Housing Authority has certainly been the focus of numerous scandals in 2018 alone ranging from the recent systemic heating failures to tenants living without running water. The NYCTA has also sustained multiple seven figure verdicts in the Bronx and New York City for accidents caused by their negligence and for failing to maintain their premises in a reasonably safe condition for building tenants.

The voices of neglected NYCTA residents have been heard throughout the City as of late and it appears that the demand for action has reached an all-time high.

Hopefully the community and politicians in the Bronx and New York City can come together to fix a broken system that has left families broken and feeling like second class citizens.

We at James Newman, P.C. continue the fight on behalf of accident victims injured as a result of the negligence of the New York City Housing Authority and will remain committed to garnering justice for our brothers and sisters here in the Bronx.