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Notable Cases

$6,000,000 – Obstetrical Malpractice/Birth Injuries

Bronx County settlement for a baby that suffered severe brain damage and cerebral palsy as a result of a failure to timely diagnose and treat fetal distress

$3,037,500.00 – Surgical Malpractice

Failed bilateral laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair causing total disability and permanent nerve damage.

$3,000,000.00 – Labor Law/Construction Accident

This case, which settled during jury selection, involved our client, a 30-year old construction worker, who was severely injured following a fall from a defective scaffolding.

$1,750,000.00 – Obstetrical Malpractice

Pre-trial settlement on behalf of a brain damaged infant that suffered deprivation of oxygen during labor and delivery.  In this case we fought the New York City Health & Hospitals Corporation over the course of ten years, which involved a precedent-setting appeal in the 1st Appellate Division, followed by beating a motion for summary judgment in this extremely complex medical malpractice action.

$1,691,385.00 – Medical Malpractice/Orthopedic Malpractice

At trial in Brooklyn Supreme Court the jury returned a verdict of $1,691,368.00 on behalf of our client, a 41-year old maintenance worker, who was the victim of orthopedic malpractice following a botched total ACL

$1,500,000.00 – Medical Malpractice/Obstetric Malpractice

This settlement before trial was for the wrongful death of a 40-year old woman who had recently undergone a total abdominal hysterectomy.

$900,000.00 – Construction Accident

Pre-trial settlement for carpenter who suffered a traumatic brain injury while on the job.

$750,000.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident/Pedestrian Knockdown

In this case our client, a home health aide from Ghana, was crossing the street when the defendant, who was texting and driving, lost control of her vehicle impacting the plaintiff at high speed.