Many New York residents are members of gyms and other fitness facilities, which help them maintain and improve their physical and mental health through exercise. Sadly, despite the various benefits of a gym membership, severe accidents and injuries can occur due to negligence. Accidents can not only derail your fitness journey but result in various damages, including substantial medical bills and even lost wages. As such, injured parties often wonder whether they are entitled to take legal action against the gym to recover monetary compensation for their damages. Please continue reading to learn when a gym may be liable for an injury and how a seasoned New York City Personal Injury Lawyer can help you determine whether you have a valid claim. 

Can a gym be held responsible if I get hurt while working out?

When you sustain an injury at a gym, the level of responsibility that the gym may bear for the damages you’ve incurred is determined by the specific circumstances of the accident. In some instances, it can be challenging to pursue legal action due to the gym’s membership contract. Gym liability waivers often outline the terms of membership to the facility and cover the foreseeable risks associated with gym activities. This can limit the gym’s liability for specific injuries that may occur while using the facility and hinder your ability to recover compensation.

When you join a gym and you sustain an injury, whether you can pursue legal action will depend on the “assumption of risk.” This legal concept implies that an individual has acknowledged and accepted the inherent risks associated with engaging in gym activities. Essentially, by signing the membership agreement, you are voluntarily exposing yourself to a known danger. As such, if you sustain an injury while working out, you would likely not have a valid clam due to the assumption of risk.

When would a gym be liable for an injury?

Nevertheless, the gym can bear liability for injuries sustained in their facility when members, guests, or employees are injured due to slips and falls, equipment malfunctions, pool accidents, and improperly trained staff. Gym owner’s are responsible for mainting a reasonably safe premises by repairing dangerous property conditions or providing adequate warnings of potentially dangerous situations to prevent serious accidents and injuries. If they fail to address hazardous property conditions within the suitable time frame they can be held liable for any injuries that occur as a direct result of their negligence. However, before you can collect compensation, you will be responsible for fulfilling the burden of proof. Essentially, you must prove that the gym’s negligence directly caused your injuries.

If you’ve suffered a gym injury, please don’t hesitate to contact a determined New York City personal injury lawyer from the legal team at James Newman, P.C., who can help you fight to obtain the maximum compensation that you may be entitled to for your damages.