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The Dog Bite Dilemma

Dog.  Man’s best friend and companion.  Fun on four legs.  An animal who can make us laugh, give us a shoulder (or paw) to cry on, and is there for us unconditionally no matter what.     For myself when I hear the word “dog” the typewriter inside my brain instantly transcribes six letters to form… Read More »

Not So “Super” Storm Sandy

Last Thursday night at around 8pm I got in my car, which was parked outside my apartment on 66th Street and 3rd Avenue, to head down to a friend’s place to watch football on 35th and Madison. I chose Park Avenue southbound as my route of choice due to the gridlock which has been 2nd… Read More »

Our Own Dennis Byrd Story

This past Sunday, October 28, 2012 Dennis Byrd, former New York Jets defensive end, walked onto the field at MetLife Stadium to have his No. 90 jersey retired.  On this day he became just the 5th Jet player in the history of the franchise to receive this highest honor joining the ranks of immortal icons… Read More »

A Tribute to my Father

I have been racking my brain trying to think of topics for our first blog entry for our new James Newman, P.C. website.  Although there are endless topics in the field of personal injury and medical malpractice that I could talk about, many of which I will visit over the course of my no doubt… Read More »