boy holding basketball coach behind him

Like many others, you might enjoy participating in organized sports as you can socialize while staying fit. Regardless of the sport you choose, be it soccer, baseball, football, basketball, or any other, you know its inherent danger. When you play a sport, there is an assumption of risk, meaning you know there is a potential risk of being injured, but knowing this risk, decide to play anyways. As a result of this assumption of risk, in most cases, if you suffer a sports-related injury, you likely will not be eligible to file a lawsuit for your damages. However, certain exceptions may entitle you to pursue legal action against a negligent party. Please continue reading to learn when you can take legal action when injured while participating in a sports event, and discover how a talented New York City Personal Injury Lawyer can help you understand your legal options. 

Can I sue if I’m injured while participating in an organized sports event?

Unfortunately, while participating in an organized sport, you may suffer an injury that burdens you with various damages, such as medical expenses, lost wages, and other losses you cannot afford. Injured individuals often wonder whether they can file a lawsuit against the responsible party to seek monetary compensation for their damages. As mentioned above, risk is assumed when you decide to participate in an organized sport. Although it may seem unfair, injuries sustained while participating in sports events are an inherent risk of the game that athletes willingly consent to when they agree to play. For example, an individual playing rugby may take an elbow to the face, resulting in a broken nose, or someone playing football may suffer a concussion when tackling a rival player. Whatever the case, you enter the game knowing these injuries may occur. Therefore, there are no viable grounds for filing a lawsuit.

When are injuries considered more than just part of the game?

Nonetheless, there are certain situations where injuries may be considered more than just an inherent part of a game and warrant a lawsuit. Injured individuals most commonly pursue legal action after suffering an injury in a sports event when their injuries were intentionally inflicted due to another person’s malicious behavior. If another player or fan deliberately causes harm to you, they can be held accountable for your damages as such injuries are not within the expected scope of risks you consent to when deicing to participate in an organized sport.

Additionally, you may have grounds for a lawsuit if your injuries were caused by negligent coaching. If your coach refused to give you a water break which caused you to suffer injuries or an illness, they could be liable. Furthermore, if defective sporting equipment or unkempt facilities cause your injuries, you can take legal action for your damages.

Being injured during a sports event can be overwhelming, and you may be unsure how to proceed. In such cases, it is in your best interest to retain the legal services of a determined lawyer from the Bronx law firm of James Newman, P.C., to maximize your chances of recovering reasonable compensation for your damages.