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Sadly, car accidents can happen just about anywhere and involve just about anything. As such, motorists must identify where most car accidents happen and use that knowledge to mitigate the risks. Even when motorists take the necessary precautions to prevent accidents, they can still occur due to negligence. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car accident due to another driver’s negligence, please don’t hesitate to contact a determined Bronx Car Accident Lawyer who can help you fight to attain the just compensation you deserve for your economic and non-economic damages. 

What are some of the most dangerous areas of the road that increase the likelihood of car accidents?

Unfortunately, car accidents can happen at any time and any place as a result of negligence. However, the following are some of the most dangerous places where auto accidents are more likely to occur.


When you drive during rush hour on an interstate, the risk of an auto accident increases significantly as there are traffic delays, which cause drivers to engage in reckless driving behaviors as a result of their impatience. The stop-and-go pattern of traffic jams always increases the risk of rear-end collisions. Motorists are legally obligated to adhere to the rules of the road, including the speed limit. However, when they neglect to follow the speed limit while driving on a highway, they increase the likelihood of an accident as they may not have enough time to be able to react to specific roadways hazards.

Parking lots & garages

With numerous vehicles navigating compact areas, accidents are more likely to occur in parking lots and garages. In most cases, these accidents at these locations involve one vehicle colliding with an unoccupied parked car. However, in other cases, multiple vehicles and pedestrians can be involved in these accidents. As such, a motorist must drive slowly and remain vigilant of their surrounding environment to prevent severe accidents and injuries. Maneuvering around these small parking spaces can be a recipe for disaster. Therefore, to minimize the risks of an accident, you should ensure that when you park, there is enough room for safe navigation and double-check that it is safe to pull out of a spot before proceeding.


It may not come as a surprise, but motorists are typically most vulnerable to car crashes when they encounter intersections. This is because when a motorist makes a mistake at a traffic light or stop sign, a collision can often be unavoidable. In addition, intersections require motorists to pay attention to traffic signals and signs, which can be confusing sometimes, resulting in the motorist being unable to detect who has the right-of-way, leading to an accident.

If another party caused your accident, you can take legal action to seek monetary compensation for your damages. However, before you can collect any compensation, you must fulfill the burden of proof. This can be a challenging undertaking. As such, it’s crucial to enlist the help of a trusted lawyer from James Newmans, P.C., who can fight to protect your rights. Allow our firm to represent your interests to maximize your chances of achieving the best possible outcome.